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AwesoME inc.

AwesoME Inc is THE place to go to source the tools, backed by science, to help improve your health and happiness.
Nicky Perry and Bex Lipp are passionate about helping others create happier lives.
Friends since 2009, they discovered that they had very similar ideas and intentions, and wanted to share their combined skills in order to create a business that could change lives for the better.
Having experienced the positive benefits of gratitude and manifesting in our own lives, it seemed a natural fit to share this with others. Always on a path to help others first and foremost, AwesoME Inc™ was formed, and they have been helping people ever since.
One of their favourite quotes – ‘AWESOME ENDS IN ME’ sums up what they are trying to do… to empower individuals to create happiness in their own lives. It starts with you because you are awesome!
Frankie Did It is excited to stock their wonderful range of Gratitude Journals.