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Nora's Closet

Nora's Closet started when Alexis had her own daughter, Nora. She has a passion for natural threads, and think children should be dressed in nothing but!

Over time Nora's Closet has expanded and there are currently 4 mums working from their respective homes around husbands, children, never-ending-cleaning and the chaos of life in general. Alexis is very proud to be supporting NZ made and an ethically produced industry. The wages she pays her seamstresses go towards their household essentials, and their well-deserved treats.  She has no doubt that without Nora's Closet these talented and resourceful mums would do just fine, but it gives her pride to have them as part of her little family.

Nora's Closet is always expanding their range and pushing the boundaries of what's available for stylish kids in NZ and around the world. They pride themselves on originality and innovation.