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One Spotty Dog

Handmade Wooden Bow & Arrow Set

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Awesome fun for all ages! Great for eye hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills and perfect for playing dress ups.

The bow has been cut out of 30mm plywood and sanded for little hands. Each bow has a hole through the shaft to guide the arrow, arrows are made with a foam ball tip to soften impact. The bungee cord is nice and thick and has the perfect stretch for easy propelling.

You will receive 3 arrows with your bow in a random colour arrangement. 
(Please check each ball before play to ensure they are securely fasten to the dowel and discard if any damage occurs.)

Bow measures approx: 38cm x 11cm x 3cm
Arrows measure approx: 33 cm long

{Please note that as each Bow & Arrow set is handmade, the Bow you receive may not look exactly as the one pictured. However the general size will be.}

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