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Planter with Live Succulent | Hanging Lion - Large #1 | Ceramic

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Here’s Hanging Leonard Lion Planter with great succulent hair!  


Comes planted with a live Succulent, which will continue to grow and thicken.  Trim like a real haircut when needed!   As the hair grows it will start to hang down!  

High quality specialised Cactus/Succulent Soil Mix (including slow release plant food) has been used in the potting of these, so they are care free for you for quite some time!    

Planter approx. 13 x 10cm (plus plant height/width)

This planter does not have a drainage hole, however it does have stones internally at base to assist drainage.  Being a succulent though, it needs very little watering.  

Please note:  We recommend local pickup of these as live plants can be delicate!  Should you require it to be couriered to you, we will take all care in packaging, but please be aware you may need to fix up spillage of dirt/plant on arrival due to movement in transit!  (Rest assured succulents will regenerate well should you lose any buds/leaves during transit)

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